Abbi Abrams
General Information
Gender Female
Age 26
Hair color brown
Eye color brown
Occupation(s) Cleaner at Soulstice (fitness studio)
Series Information
First episode What a Wonderful World
Portrayer Abbi Jacobson

Abbi Abrams is one of the main characters in Broad City (TV Series).

Bio Edit

Abbi is a cleaner at a fitness studio called Soulstice, but desperately wants to be a trainer, but the opportunities always elude her. Abbi's real dream is to become an artist. Her best friend is Ilana Wexler.

Abbi lives by herself and has a huge crush on her next door neighbor Jeremy Santos. She is the slightly more "responsible" one between the two main characters - always trying to balance being self-sufficient and a free spirit like Ilana.

Notable Quotes Edit

  • "You just pulled a bag of pot out of your vagina" (P*$$Y Weed)


  • Abbi's drunk alter ego is a charismatic, confident woman named Val.
  • Abbi has a lower-back tattoo of Oprah Winfrey's face (although it is unknown if it is permanent).
  • If Abbi was a dog she'd be a slim pug.
  • Loves Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Has a picture of Oprah Winfrey on her wall


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